YDP workshop at Broomstreet, Mohill, Republic of Ireland

A couple of weeks ago our YDP workshops made their way across the Irish Sea to our shores, and one of those that took place was at Broomstreet in Mohill by the kind permission of Kathryn Bradshaw and Mac Crowe. Present on the day was 17 year old Leah Mullen who has been kind enough to provide us with a report of their day in Mohill:

”I attended the workshop on the 28th of July in Mohill, Co Leitrim, which was my third time attending the Aberdeen-Angus youth development programme workshops. That morning, we were split into small groups of four or five before getting on with the day’s activities. My first station was clipping with Darragh McManus, who showed us how to clip a head, belly and brisket of a heifer calf.

Our group then moved on to washing with Cormack Duignan, who showed us how to wash cattle using a bucket of water and shampoo. Michael Kirby then went on to show us how to tie a quick release knot and how to correctly change a halter.

Our group then went on to our next station which was with Seamus Delaney who showed us how to dress Aberdeen-Angus cattle for showing. Seamus showed us how to do up both red and black Aberdeen-Angus cattle with foam and soap, which was really interesting to see and learn.

Our last station was with Marie-Louise Ryan for stock judging. We had to judge 4 cows and give our reasons. Marie-Louise then told us the order she had placed them in and why, so we got to get an idea of all the things that must be considered when stock judging.

We had a quick break for lunch where everyone got to try Aberdeen-Angus burgers and we got the chance to mingle with everyone else there. After lunch we then went on to ring craft where Seamus Delaney and Daragh McManus explained the basics of ring craft.

I had a wonderful time at this workshop and feel like I am taking away new tips and tricks from all the trainers. I really enjoyed working with all the trainers, and my favourite station was the dressing as you got to try tho products and work very closely with the livestock. I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for a brilliant day!”

We’d like to thank all the participants involved on the day for taking part so enthusiastically and actively, and a special thank you to Leah for taking the time to tell us about the day! Also, thanks to Kathryn and Mac for facilitating the workshop and being so welcoming, and to all trainers involved on the day, without whom our young people wouldn’t get such great insight into all these practices.

Here are a couple more pictures from another great day: